Sandblast, abrasive blast equipments

Our company deals with manufacturing different types of environment-friendly abrasive blast equipments, distribution of spare parts, accessories and blast materials, as well as renovation of used equipments.

Our equipments are suitable for cleaning, renovation of different materials, metal, wood, plastic, plexi, glass surfaces, preparation for painting, decorative homogenizing treatment. In the field of mechanical engineering as well as building industry, vehicle industry, woodwork and monument protection.
Wide choice of our serial products are available for our customers, as well as new products designed for individual needs.

Our company puts emphasis on the production of suction appliances in different types and performance used for our sandblast equipments, by which we can achieve dust-free, environment-friendly surface treatment.

Blast materials that can be applied: andradite sand, corundum, glass beads, metallic grains, etc.

We also undertake to represent products of companies with similar profile.

Free jet sandblast equipments

Injection blasters.

Free jet injector sandblasters are suitable for the treatment of smaller surfaces. Their advantage is mobility and the relatively low air input of 4-800 l/ min. Main units: cca. 24-liter tank with open top, suction nozzle, 5-meter blasting hose, blasting pistol with Boron-carbide nozzle. Performance: 1-4 m2/h.

Compressed tank equipment

Compressed tank equipments provide high performance if adequate amount of air is available: 1000-5000 liters/ minute, depending on the size of the blast material nozzle. Two types are assembled. At the manual PSZM type the blasting procedure is started and stopped by opening and closing the tap on its side. The PSZP type is remote controlled, here a quick stop is operated by a remote switch at the end of the blasting hose pressing or opening the blasting hose, making way for the blast material. The remote controlled type can also be operated filling the tank with air or emptying it by pressing or releasing the remote switch, this is PSZC type. By default they are delivered with 10 meters of blasting hose and nozzle. In addition, you need protective clothing, hood, and fresh air supplier that sends the fresh air into the hood. Performance: 10-30 m.2/h.

Some informative examples of air need:

Ø 4,5 mm 1000-1500 l/min
Ø 6,5 mm 1500-2000 l/min
Ø 8,0 mm 2500-3500 l/min
Ø 9,5 mm 4000-5000 l/min


Free jet injector sandblasters with 5m hose

PSZJ pistole
PSZJ pistole sett
BNP pistole

Compressed tank free jet sandblasters, manual or remote controlled, with 10 m hose and nozzle

PSZM-224 liters manual 5lm Ø 13mm hose
PSZM-660 liters manual
PSZP-660 liters remote controlled
PSZM-10100 liters manual
PSZP-10100 liters remote controlled
PSZM-20200liters manual
PSZP-20200 liters remote controlled
PSZC-20200 liters remote controlled
PSZ-GYquick stop
PL-15Fresh air supply system 1.500 operation hours
PL-25Fresh air supply system 2.500 operation hours
CLEMCO Sand blast hood with square glass
VEGA-S Sand blast hood withpanorama helmet
PSZV Moistener head
Air conditioner unit for the fresh air supply system

VEGA-S Sand blast hood
Mobile extraction system
200 liters equipment PSZC-20

Abrasive blast cabins

Abrasive blast cabins are suitable for the treatment of smaller parts, materials. These are manufactured for D.I.Y., periodical operation (2-3 hours daily) and industrial purposes, continuous operation. We make the appliances suitable for industrial use in injection and compressed construction. Both types can be assembled with recollection units which returns the blasting material into the blast procedure in fractioned and cleaned form. The performance of the injection appliance is 1-4 m2/h, air input: 800-900 liters/min,the performance of the compressed type is 10-25 m2/h, air input: 2000-3500 liters/min.

Brief technical description

The object to be cleaned or treated can be placed into the work area through the door on the side of the abrasive blast cabin, similarly the blasting material which falls to the collecting cone at the bottom of the appliance. At cabins suitable for industrial use the work area is lined with rubber sheet in order to achieve higher abrasion resistance as well as to cushion the abrasive grains bouncing from the side walls.
Before starting the procedure we switch on the exhaust ventilator. Work can be started by grabbing the blast pistol and the material to be treated with rubber gloves through the hole on the front side of the cabin. The procedure can be monitored in the peep-hole placed above the handhole. The work area is lit by the light placed at the top of the cabin.
As a result of the vacuum in the blast pistol the blasting material gets to the pistol through the blasting hose where it meets the high pressure air that blasts it onto the surface to be cleaned in a strong jet. Since the blasting material gets back to the blasting procedure the exhaust ventilator separates the blasting material and the contamination falling from the surface being cleaned or treated, the dust falls into a collector which must be emtied at certain times.

As an option you can order the cabin with revolving worktop, with worktop that can be pushed out to a stand outside the cabin, with automatically revolving worktop and automatically moved blast pistol.

The sandblast cabins can be joined to the compressed tank used for the free-jet equipment in order to work more efficiently. The cabins are designed so that we can change or extend their technical content in modul system, it is indicated in the price list with separate numbers in the type number.


Abrasive blast cabins

PSZK-1 800x500x500 injection
PSZK-2 900x750x700 injection
PSZK-2/1 900x750x700 injection
PSZK-3 1200x750x700 injection
PSZK-S 1280x1000x950 injection

Abrasive blast cabins with dust suction-separator

PSZ-G900x600x900injectionfor treating plate-glass

Abrasive blast cabins with dust suction-separator, grain recollection

PSZK-S/3V1280x1000x95024 L. compressed tank
PSZK-S/4V1500x1250x125060 L. compressed tank
PSZK-S/5V1500x1500x150060 L. compressed tank

PSZK-E: individual: size, construction on request

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